UK: The Atlanta from Orange is a cheap PAYG featurephone that requires a massive £50 top-up

Here’s one for you featurephone lovers, smartphone haters, or both. Orange UK has a new own-brand featurephone up its sleeves, and it’s calling it the Atlanta from Orange. At least there’s some consistency there with regard to using city names for own-brand devices. That’s where the consistency ends, though, and strangeness intervenes.

The Orange Atlanta is cheap indeed, at just £39.99 on Pay as you go. However, unlike any other phone we’ve ever seen on PAYG in the UK, if you want to get one, you’ll have to also buy a massive £50 initial top-up. Now requiring initial top-ups is pretty much the norm in the UK, but so is their value – £10. 50 quid, though? That seems a bit much.

Anyway, if somehow you’re still interested in this phone, let’s quickly go through its specs. It has a 2 MP camera with video capture support, an MP3 player, video messaging, POP3/IMAP email support, WAP, dual-band GSM, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, and it comes with built-in games.

If you’d like to buy one, just go to Orange right now and place your order.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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