Upcoming Android Honeycomb tablet for Verizon leaks

Earlier today, Verizon inadvertently leaked an upcoming Android-powered tablet. The carrier uploaded a video starring the yet-unannounced device, and it certainly looks like someone over at Big Red gave the go ahead for that upload sooner than he or she should have.

The video has in the meantime been set to private, which of course fuels the speculation even more. In spite of Verizon’s quick move to take the video out of the public eye, Droid-Life managed to capture a screenshot of the tablet in the video.

At first, some thought that this wasn’t perhaps meant to showcase an actual product, being more of a reference design that Verizon used in an ad in order to speak about Verizon tablets in general, and not a particular model. But then why take the video down?

That action in itself seems to be proof enough that a new tablet running Android Honeycomb is headed to Verizon. Of course, that’s probably true even without the video. I’m quite sure that Verizon will get a new Honeycomb tablet at some point.

However, now we may know what it will look like. Even if we have no clue what the manufacturer will be, never mind specs, pricing and release date. It’s way too early for that sort of information. For now, we’ve got a quick screengrab. Tomorrow, we may have more. Not necessarily literally tomorrow, but in the future. If this is a real device, it will clearly leak again and again. Stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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