4G Blackberry Playbook delayed until fall

Although the Wi-Fi only version of the Blackberry Playbook has been out for a few months now, we have yet to see a 4G version hit the market. The 4G Blackberry Playbook was expected to be released at some point this summer, but that is not the case according to RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis.

Lazaridis revealed today that the 4G version of the Blackberry Playbook will not be available until this fall despite previous statements made by the company. We found out when Lazaridis mentioned how excited he was that the 4G Playbooks would be arriving this fall.

RIM had initially planned on released releasing three 4G versions this summer: a LTE version for Verizon, a WiMax version for Sprint, and an HSPA+ model for AT&T. RIM also mentioned that the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 would be delayed until the fall as well. We will keep you updated on the status of the 4G Playbook.


Author: Dakota Torres

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