AT&T and Verizon may launch HP Pre 3 in July, complete with Skype integration

The HP Pre 3 was announced all the way back in February, yet since then we’ve heard little to nothing about this smartphone and its journey to the US market. We have however heard all kinds of things about the Pre 3’s small sibling, the Veer, or even the TouchPad, HP’s first webOS tablet, yet the flagship smartphone in HP’s portfolio hasn’t gotten that level of attention.

Perhaps things are going to change once the Pre 3 becomes available in the US from one or more carriers that will subsidize it and make it available to the mainstream public. And that’s exactly what is bound to happen in July, according to PreCentral.

Apparently both Verizon and AT&T will launch the Pre 3 at around the same time in July. In fact, they may even release it on the same date: July 21.

Regardless of the exact day when it does so, the Pre 3 will clearly be available from AT&T, as AT&T-branded Pre 3 units are already in the wild, as showcased by the blurry image above.

The Pre 3 is said to be launching in the US running webOS 2.2, a version of the operating system that will have Skype integration built into its Synergy system. That in effect will mean that you’ll be able to add a Skype account into the OS itself, and have it interact with your phone when needed, in a manner certainly familiar to those of you who’ve ever come across a Maemo 5 device from Nokia (yes, the N900).

Skype will be powering the Pre 3’s video calling abilities, as well as the TouchPad’s.

All in all the Pre 3 sounds like it will be a very interesting entrant into the smartphone space. Now if only HP got round to somehow solving that lack of apps problem, perhaps webOS would get a bit more attention.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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