India: Maxx Mobiles launches MX372 and MQ368, two new cheap dual-SIM phones

One of the phone manufacturers that we don’t get to write about all that often is India’s Maxx Mobiles. Well, today we’ve got something new from that exact outfit.

Maxx Mobiles has launched two new dual-SIM phones, the MX372 and MQ368, the latter having a full physical QWERTY keyboard fitted. The MX372 has a ‘normal’ T9 phone keypad, and both phones come quite cheap.

The Maxx MX372 has a 2-inch display, an optical trackpad, a 2 MP camera, a dedicated music button, and weighs just 61 grams. It comes with Java app support and Facebook and eBuddy IM preinstalled.

The MX372 comes in white, pink, purple, and wine red, and goes for Rs. 2524.

The MQ368 also has a 2-inch display, only this time it’s in landscape. It’s also got a 2 MP camera and optical trackpad. The MQ368 has a 1000 mAh battery, and even has special buttons for accessing Facebook (a la HTC ChaCha, no doubt) and MSN. The Maxx MQ368 costs Rs. 2636.

Both phones will be available only in Mumbai at first, then slowly reaching the rest of the country through retail outlets such as Planet M, Tata Croma, Hyper City, Star Bazar, Mobile & Gadgets, Indian Naval Canteen, Kings Electronics, Hotspot, Reliance Web World and Next electronics.

Via FoneArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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