Motorola Xoom LTE and Droid 3 get added to Verizon’s MAP list, launches should happen soon

During the weekend, a screenshot of the newest additions to Verizon’s MAP (minimum advertised price) list was leaked to Droid-Life. It shows, as you can see below, both the Motorola Xoom LTE as well as the Droid 3 as devices that are going to be subjected to MAPs upon launch.

That can only mean that both of the aforementioned Android-powered devices should launch pretty soon indeed. July 7 still looks like a good date for the Droid 3 to finally hit American shores after it’s even been unveiled in China.

As for the Motorola Xoom LTE, it’s still unclear what this is. Sure, it could be a new version of the Xoom that will come with LTE built in – something along those lines has leaked a few days ago in a Verizon ad video. Back then, we were hearing that it was going to be called Xoom 4G, but Xoom LTE is basically the same thing. So it could be that.

Or it could just be the good ‘ol Xoom that we know and love shipping with that LTE radio built in – unlike it has done until now. If that’s the case, then Verizon’s long promised 4G LTE hardware upgrade for the existing Xoom may be close as well.

We’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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