Adobe AIR 2.7 Update brings improved iOS speeds, allows Android users to install on SD card

Adobe AIR may not have worked out for Linux users, but iOS and Android users will rejoice when they hear the features of the new Adobe AIR 2.7.

iOS users will be more happy than Android users since this update brings a faster runtime with render speeds up to four times faster in CPU mode. The only new feature of Adobe AIR 2.7  for Android is the ability to install the app on your SD card. No improvement on speeds doesn’t come as much of a surprise to Android users after the Adobe CEO could not answer why there was poor flash performance on Android OS.

I recommend downloading Adobe AIR 2.7 if you are an iOS users since the speeds are significantly improved. You can go ahead and check out the video below to see for yourself a comparison of Adobe AIR 2.6 and 2.7. Although you aren’t getting the same speeds as an iOS users, I still recommend downloading it if you are an Android user.

Adobe (iOS) (Android)

Author: Dakota Torres

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