Samsung SHW-A300 is a simple flip phone for South Korea

Did the flip phone die with the Motorola Razr? Apparently not, since manufacturers everywhere keep banking on the form factor, even as full-touchscreen slate-type devices are getting more and more common.

One such clamshell phone is the Samsung SHW-A300, unveiled in Samsung’s home market of South Korea. The A300 is an unassuming device aimed at those who aren’t into the latest and greatest smartphones. This is clearly one phone that will get used mainly as a… phone. And probably some texting too.

The A300 has a large 2.6-inch display, a large keypad for easy text entry, and a ‘Hyperskin’ body that gives the phone a great ‘luxurious’ look and also protects against scratches and fingerprints. Spec-wise, there’s obviously not much to see here. The A300 has a 2 MP camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, a music player and e-dictionary, and it weighs 105 grams.

The Samsung SHW-A300 costs 200,000 won, which is approximately $185 or €129 and will be available from both SK Telecom and KT.

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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