AT&T to offer $50 unlimited prepaid plan starting June 26th

Boost and Verizon both already have their own unlimited prepaid plans, it only made sense that more carriers would begin to offer their own as well.

AT&T is the latest to join the group. They will begin to offer their own unlimited talk,text, and web GoPhone plan on June 26th for $50($10 less than their previous than their unlimited call and text plan). The plan also allows customers to have unlimited calling and texting in Mexico, Canada, and 100 other countries. Unfortunately, if you want to use your smartphone with this plan, you’ll be charged anywhere between an extra $5-$25.

This is a pretty exciting new plan for someone who wants to get an unlimited plan, but would rather go with prepaid rather than a regular plan. We will keep you updated on any other AT&T news.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Wiliapleton Dick

    Awww. Just tell her u dont have a sac yet and still need 8 hours of sleep. She’ll understand.

  • Plw7W jVR4

    I think that is a good plane for entire activities to AT&T Phone , I am the United States , which is purchased outside trying to use with my iPhone. Worked with the exception of the data could not be used. Scandalous expensive, but – – it does not work with the iPhone, the line I got $ 20 for 100 MB of data. ACT. What they talk, I probably have no idea of ??a good reason.

  • Anonymous

    So AT&T introduce a brand new unlimited offering that has limited data, and limited phone selection. In fact, compared to Boost, and tracfone’s straight talk, this offering is downright scandalously expensive. I’m left to assume that they’ve merley introduced this option, to make T-mobile’s unlimited prepaid offerings look more attractive and reasonable than what they truly are. If AT&T were serious about tapping into a market that has hardly been touched, they should take a hard look at the seniors of this country wanting prepaid. Currently only tracfone’s SVC brand is taking any interest whatsoever in this market.

  • Anonymous

    But AT&T are the one’s behind the senior value cellphone! That SVC phone runs exclusively on AT&T’s network. A right they sell to tracfone, who in turn resell the service, and the minutes to you, the pensioner 🙂 Few people know that AT&T have massive shares in America Movil, the owner company of tracfone, therefore making tracfone an indirect subsidiary of AT&T – or at least in my mind.