HTC Salsa gets its first software update

The HTC Salsa, one of two recently unveiled HTC Android-powered smartphones to be Facebook-focused, is not even available in all markets, yet it has already received its first software update. That’s either a good sign that HTC wants to support this device with many updates, or it’s a bad sign that the Salsa was launched with some nasty bugs still present in its software.

While we may never know which one it turned out to be, for HTC Salsa owners, if it was the latter, this update probably can’t come soon enough. The update is of the over-the-air variety, so no messing around with a computer to get it installed. As these rollouts are usually staggered, expect it to take a few days, or maybe even weeks, for the update to reach your particular device. Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

After applying the update, your software’s build number will be 1.12.401.2. Unfortunately HTC didn’t publicize any details about what’s in this update, other than saying that applying it would result in “application and system enhancement”. So there you have it. Oh, and one more thing – this is obviously a minor update, that won’t make your phone magically run Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s still Gingerbread, since Google thinks it’s logical to launch Ice Cream Sandwich in winter.

Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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