Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 update starts rolling out across Europe

So has the Android 3.1 update been delayed until August? Apparently not. After the Asus Eee Pad Transformer’s Android 3.1 update has been rolled out starting a few weeks ago, it’s now time for the Motorola Xoom to get it too. But wait, you ask, wasn’t the Xoom the first device to get it? Well, yes, but that was the US Xoom.

Today, the Android 3.1 update for the Motorola Xoom has started rolling out outside of the United States. That means that Xoom owners in Europe will soon see their tablet updated to the latest version of Android. The rollout is expected to take a few weeks, so don’t panic if your tablet doesn’t get updated by tonight.

Motorola has announced the official availability of the update via Facebook, adding that full release notes will be posted by region. One thing that’s expected to make it to every territory is the enabling of the SD card slot. Until we get other details from Motorola, you can go through our post dealing with the announcement of Android 3.1 back in May. Suffice to say the update is mostly about bug fixes, stability improvements, and basically making what was broken finally work.

The pace at which manufacturers update their Android Honeycomb-powered tablets certainly seems to be a lot faster than what happens with phones, so the question is, obviously, why. Does the fact that Honeycomb will never be open-sourced have anything to do with it? Or is it just that the initial Honeycomb release was so bad that fixes are desperately needed as soon as possible? What do you think?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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