Nokia N9 touted as “the fastest image-capturing phone on the market”, despite not being on the market yet

As you’ve probably already found out, yesterday Nokia announced its first MeeGo smartphonethe N9.

Today, on Nokia’s official blog, the new N9 has been presented as “the fastest image-capturing phone on the market.” Reportedly, you can snap a photo with the N9 in just 2.6 seconds (this includes turning the camera on, readying the viewfinder, focusing on the subject, and capturing the image) – that’s faster than Apple’s Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II, and even digital cameras like the Canon PowerShot S95.

I have no reasons to believe that the Nokia N9 isn’t the fastest image-capturing phone when compared to the other devices seen in the image below – however, Nokia fails to mention that all these other products are already available, while the N9 isn’t really “on the market”, and there’s no word on when it will be (“later this year” may very well mean in Q4).

In any case, the N9 does seem to be a quite capable camera phone. Its 8MP camera uses Carl Zeiss optics, features continuous autofocus, dual LED flash, and HD video recording capabilities. Users will also be able to take advantage of the so-called “non-destructive photo editing” feature that lets you “edit a photo, with a way of reversing all the edits should you change your mind.” That sounds good – too bad we have no idea when exactly the N9 will be available for purchase.

Author: Florin

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  • Garen Yöndem

    how come HD7 is the slowest one?! you can just capture a image with WP7 in 3-4 seconds