Rogers makes the LG Optimus Pad $150 cheaper, now $549.99 sans contract

The LG Optimus Pad with its 3D features is certainly a unique offering (at least so far) in the tablet space in general, and among Android-powered tablets in particular. However, one thing which clearly hasn’t helped this tablet sell very well has been its price – it’s among the most expensive tablets out there. Now granted, that 3D tech may probably account for the increased price, but the truth is everyone would like to get cheaper tablets.

And everyone likes a good price drop. Which is exactly what has happened to the LG Optimus Pad at Rogers in Canada. The carrier has decided to cut the tablet’s price by no less than $150, making it now ‘just’ $549.99 sans contract. Of course, it could be even cheaper, but a $150 price drop is not something you should ignore.

So either Rogers is feeling very generous towards prospective tablet customers, or the Optimus Pad wasn’t doing that well, sales-wise. Perhaps this will help make it sell better, we’ll see. Either way, if you want an Android-powered tablet that can do 3D photo and video capture, this is your only choice on the market right now. And it’s just gotten a lot cheaper.

Via MobileSyrup

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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