Vizio Android Tablet details revealed

Vizio’s Android Tablet was first seen back in January at CES. We havn’t really heard much since then, but we have stumbled upon some new details today on Vizio’s first attempt at a tablet.

The tablet will run on Gingerbread along with Vizio’s custom interface which will be similar to Vizio’s Internet App Plus ecosystem, although Vizio stated that they would be willing to switch to Honeycomb if they think it will be  stable enough on the device. The device spots a 8-inch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution, a front-facing camera for video chat, stereo speakers, and HDMI out which allows the user to transfer videos from the tablet to the TV. A unique feature of this device is the ability to use the tablet as a remote for your TV and other entertainment devices in the room.

Vizio’s Android Tablet will ship in July and will be priced at $349. This low price point is a new strategy used by many Android tablet manufacturers to make their product more attractive than the more expensive tablets such as the Xoom or iPad 2. We will keep you updated on any more news we hear about Vizio’s Tablet.


Author: Dakota Torres

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