AT&T’s ChaCha Facebook phone may be called HTC Status

Not long after we’ve seen what AT&T’s HTC ChaCha looks like, we’re now hearing that the second largest US mobile carrier will not launch the smartphone under this name.

Instead, AT&T’s ChaCha will be called HTC Status – at least that’s what BGR is claiming. Since the handset has deep Facebook integration, and even a Faecbook button below the QWERTY keyboard, I guess the Status name suits it – you know, you’ll be able to update your status from your Status.

Reportedly, the HTC Status (which, in case you haven’t found out yet, runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread) could become available at AT&T as soon as next week. There’s no word on the handset’s price yet, but I’d say it will be around $100 on contract. We’ll let you know when official details about this show up.

Author: Florin

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