Like the N9, Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone handset doesn’t have hardware keys on the front

Earlier today, we had the chance to take a brief look at what may be Nokia’s very first Windows Phone handset, currently codenamed Sea Ray. Now a clear photo of it has showed up over at the XDA Developers Forums (courtesy of Weibo user CodeGeass), unveiling that the new smartphone completely lacks front-facing hardware keys – just like the MeeGo-based N9 smartphone.

A set of three virtual Windows keys can be seen in this photo. They don’t look too polished, so I’m inclined to believe this is not the final version of the software on the Sea Ray:

WMPowerUser speculates that the new Nokia WP smartphone has a 854 x 480 display (yes, like the N9), with those extra 54 pixels being used for said virtual keys.

Of course, the current version of Windows Phone definitely requires handsets to have hardware keys, but it seems that, with Windows Phone Mango, manufacturers will not be so constrained when it comes to building hardware.

Update: the virtual keys are probably added in Photoshop (or another software alike), but the Sea Ray certainly doesn’t appear to have hardware buttons.

Another thing that WMPowerUser discovered is a front-facing camera on the Nokia Sea Ray, placed on the lower right corner (similarly to what we can see on the N9).

Nokia will most probably announce the Sea Ray in Q3 or Q4. I’m sure we’ll have more details about it until then – and we’ll happily share them with you.

Author: Florin

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