The first Nokia Windows Phone (Sea Ray) unveiled by Stephen Elop?

If you’re one of the many mobile users interested to know what Nokia’s very first Windows Phone handset looks like, this seems to be your lucky day, because Stephen Elop (Nokia’s CEO) has recently showcased a previously unseen Nokia Windows Phone device.

Mr. Elop mentioned that the handset is “super confidential”, and Nokia doesn’t want it to be seen “out in the blogosphere”, thus he asked the people there to turn off their photo and video cameras.

And yet a video showing this secret Nokia Windows Phone did appear on YouTube. Currently codenamed Nokia Sea Ray, the handset looks a lot like the recently announced MeeGo-based N9, and all we know about it is that it has a Gorilla Glass display, and an 8MP LED-equipped Carl Zeiss camera. And that it runs Windows Phone Mango, of course.

The video’s embedded below, after the photos:

I really think Stephen Elop actually wanted this phone to reach the blogosphere. I mean, he couldn’t have been that naive to think no one would record all this.

Anyway. The Sea Ray will likely be officially introduced in Q3 or Q4. We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more about it.

Via Technet, Engadget

Author: Florin

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