Imerj and Frog reveal new dual-screen Android prototype

The Kyocera Echo is currently the only dual-screen device on the market, but Engadget got its own preview of a cool dual-screen Android prototype by Imerj and Frog which is looking to challenge the Echo.

The prototype features two 4-inch AMOLED attached by a simple hinge. The device spots a dual-core processor of a currently unknown speed,a 5 megapixel camera that functions as both a rear and front-facing camera, and 32 GB of onboard storage, which may be upgraded to 128 GB in a future model. The device runs on Android and features a very smooth looking UI which allows for great multi-tasking with support for every Android application.


The device is sturdier than the Kyocera Echo according to the guys at Engadget. If this device does end up hitting the market, I believe that it will easily take down the Echo. We will keep you updated on Imerj and Frog’s prototype “smartpad.”


Author: Dakota Torres

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