Motorola Wilder now available in the UK for £98.49 SIM-free, on contract from £10.66 per month

The Motorola Wilder was officially announced in the UK a few weeks ago, and we’d seen it once even before that when it first leaked going just by its model number EX130. The Wilder, if you remember, is a rugged (well, dust and splash resistant) entry-level touchscreen phone running Qualcomm’s Brew platform. Back when it was unveiled, we were led to believe that it will be an exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse in the UK, but it looks like that’s not the case. One thing which does seem to be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse is the £49.95 price for which the retailer will sell it once it launches in next month.

However, if for some reason you just have to have a Wilder this month, there’s a way, albeit a much more expensive one. Well, much more expensive not necessarily in absolute numbers, but percentage-wise. See, online UK retailer The Order now has the Motorola Wilder in stock and will gladly ship one to you if you agree to part with £98.49. And while that amount will get you a SIM-free and unlocked Wilder, it is almost twice as much as what the Carphone Warehouse will be asking for it on Pay as you go.

So if you just can’t wait a few more days (or weeks), then head on over to The Order and get yourself a Motorola Wilder.

Alternatively, you could go to e2Save, which is offering the handset on contract with either T-Mobile or Orange. Plans as cheap as £10.64 per month are available, and you’ll get the phone for free. Such a plan (on Orange) also provides 600 minutes and unlimited texts each month.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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