Samsung Galaxy S II may get another 200 MHz processor speed boost up to 1.4 GHz

Have your standard issue grain of salt ready for this one, folks. Reports are coming in that Samsung is planning to boost the processor in its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S II, by a further 200 MHz. That would make the phone’s dual-core processor run at 1.4 GHz. This isn’t the first time Samsung would do something like that. After all, when it was announced, the Galaxy S II had a dual-core 1 GHz processor, but when it hit the streets, that frequency was magically bumped to 1.2 GHz.

So why would Samsung bump it even further? Well, to win any side-by-side spec comparisons, for one thing. There was a time in the Android world, not so long ago, when a 1.2 GHz processor was all the rage, and higher specced than anything else on the market. Not so much anymore, since HTC already has its own dual-core 1.2 GHz offerings out. So Samsung may resort to yet another bump to once again be the best (in terms of sheer frequency, of course – actual, real-world performance doesn’t always scale as frequencies do).

Another thing we’re hearing is that Samsung is afraid of the Apple iPhone 5, which is due to come out this fall. It may be the reason Samsung is going to do this sometime during the fall. Perhaps Samsung simply doesn’t want to have to quickly redesign its phone like it has done with its tablets after the iPad 2 was unveiled.

Still, if Apple will use the same dual-core 1 GHz processor that’s currently in the iPad 2 for the next iPhone, then, at least on paper, the Galaxy S II would still have the upper hand, so that doesn’t make much sense.

Another version of the story is that there will be a different device altogether, perhaps named Galaxy S II Plus (akin to the Galaxy S Plus), which will come with this processor and perhaps some other tweaks and improvements as well. Then again, this new handset may not even belong to the Galaxy line (which would mark a first for Samsung since so far all its Android smartphones have been part of that range). The new phone would have 1 GB of RAM, and run Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (the latest version of the operating system) with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top.

Now if all this pans out, we’ll be here to report on it. If any of the above is real, do expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming months.

Via PopHerald Via ITProPortal Via GSMArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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