4 new Nokia Symbian Belle phones leak, pictures included for the Nokia 700 ‘Zeta’

Oh look, Symbian isn’t dead. I bet that’s the point of these leaks. To show the world that new and exciting Symbian devices are on the way – so go and buy one of the existing Symbian phones now. Or something like that.

So here’s the thing. Four new upcoming Symbian smartphones have leaked. And with the Nokia N5 we saw yesterday, that makes…five. Rough specs for the new devices were obtained by Flashfly and then posted by The Nokia Blog. The information was then corroborated and added to by the famous Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin on Twitter.

It looks like Nokia is seriously considering changing its naming convention for smartphones yet again. The new phones may not belong to any ‘series’ (such as N, C, X, or E), but have names made entirely out of numbers, old-Nokia style. Only three numbers, not four. So that you’d be able to tell a smartphone (three numbers) from a non-smartphone (four numbers), I guess.

First up, we have the Nokia 700, or Zeta. This is the only one of the four devices that we can actually show you, since GSMArena has received photos of the phone. Here they are:

The Nokia 700 will have a 1 GHz processor, will come with a 3.2-inch 360×640 AMOLED touchscreen, a 5 MP camera with LED flash, NFC support, and an FM radio. The Zeta will be just 8.8 mm thick, and its recommended retail price will be around €290. Nokia proudly boasts (see below) that this will be the thinnest smartphone ever, but let’s wait for the next iPhone to be unveiled and we’ll see about that. And the tipster who sent the photos above claims that the device’s thickness will be 10mm, so maybe things are still fluid regarding this design. It will also be quite a light phone at around 80 grams, and have a 1080 mAh battery. The Nokia 700 will run Symbian Belle, the next iteration of the OS to follow Anna.

The Nokia 701, codenamed Helen, will have a 1 GHz processor as well, and 3.5-inch 360×640 ClearBlack AMOLED touchscreen, an 8 MP ‘full focus’ camera, and it will also run Symbian Belle. Its expected price is €300 and it should be the successor to the C7 (perhaps even to be called C7-01).

The Nokia 600, or Nokia Cindy, will have a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 1 GHz processor, a 5 MP camera, and will come with NFC support and an FM radio. It will be aimed at the youth and will have a focus on entertainment. The Cindy will come with apps such as Skype, Shazam, YouTube, F-Secure, Vlingo, and a PDF reader preinstalled. The prospective price right now is €260, and the 600 will be the replacement for the Nokia C6-01.

Finally, the Nokia 500 or Fate will have a 1 GHz processor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen (non-AMOLED), a 5 MP camera, FM radio, and a price tag under €200.

All the phones are due to be launched in the third quarter of 2011, most likely sometime in September. The prices quoted above aren’t final and may suffer changes before the handsets hit the streets.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Eldar’s tweets about these devices and the leaked images showing the 700, I would have been very skeptical of the spec-sheet leaks. I mean, just look at the one discussing the Cindy and the Fate. The first line describing the Cindy has the words “build in” – that’s just not right. Also, the Fate apparently has a 5 MB (!) camera. I know English isn’t Nokia’s first language, but still… either someone was very sloppy with spelling, or those aren’t real. That’s what I would have said. But now with a bit of confirmation from two other sources, I guess some Nokia employees either don’t know the difference between a megapixel and a megabyte, or simply don’t care about spelling. Similarly, someone in Nokia either doesn’t know English, or simply doesn’t care what goes onto official spec listings inside the company. All rather sad really.

So will these devices make you think that Symbian is not dead after all? Will anyone buy them? I don’t know right now. Do you?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Chirag Patil

    there are red underlines of spell-check, which means the spec-sheets were being edited when the snaps were taken.
    but still 5MB camera… 😛