ZTE has sold two million Blade/Orange San Francisco Android smartphones so far

If you’re in the UK, the ZTE Blade probably is by far the most successful smartphone you’ve never heard of. That’s because this is one device that you may know as the Orange San Francisco, the budget Android smartphone that made quite a few waves with its price/features ratio a few months ago. Orange is already busy preparing yet another cheap Android smartphone from ZTE, the ZTE Skate which you’ll know as the Orange Monte Carlo.

In the mean time, ZTE has put out a press release saying that it has sold 2 million Blade units so far worldwide. Granted, that’s nowhere close what Samsung has managed with the original Galaxy S, but that’s still a very good number for ZTE. And hopefully it will convince the company to continue pushing cheap Android smartphones onto ‘Western’ markets.

ZTE now expects to ship a total of 80 million phones this year. That would be up from 60 million last year, so the company anticipates a healthy growth of about a third year-on-year.

The ZTE Blade is now available in over 30 countries and regions, so it may still do well sales-wise in the future, although even with a rumored upcoming update to Android 2.2 Froyo, the software will be about a year (or more) old, so this device will probably only do well in ’emerging’ markets from this point on.

Still, the Orange San Francisco story (capable and cheap) is something we’re anxious to see repeated. We’re hoping that the Monte Carlo will manage to do just that. Let’s wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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