Nokia has closed its US and UK online stores

While Apple is busy opening new stores, Nokia is trying to close as many of its stores as fast as possible. Make of that what you will, but it’s one of the countless things that differentiate Nokia from Apple. While the latter is trying to be as consumer-facing as it can, the former seems to be running from any direct contact with mobile phone buyers.

So after closing flagship store after flagship store in the past, Nokia has even closed its online stores in many countries so far. And today it was time for the US and UK online stores to go. If you try and visit either of these sites now, you’ll get a notice that the store is closed, along with information about how to contact Nokia if you’ve already made an order from either online store.

The US page also directs you to Amazon for your Nokia purchasing needs, while the UK page offers to tell you where physical Nokia stores are located.

I’m guessing that not many people chose to buy direct from Nokia’s online stores, otherwise closing them just wouldn’t have been financially justified. So the select few who did purchase from these websites will now have to go elsewhere for their Nokia fix. Sad?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    If you produce poor software products for your phones what else do you expect Nokia?