Sharp Galapagos 7-inch Android Tablet passes FCC

Sharp is looking to enter the mobile market with its own attempt at an Android Tablet. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details on the device besides a few different size dimensions and the name “Galapagos.”

We’ve heard rumors in the past of a 5-inch and 10-inch version of the Galapagos, and we saw a 10.8-inch version pass through the FCC earlier this year. We have just found out that the 7-inch version of the  Sharp Galapagos Android Tablet has just passed through the FCC.

Like every other FCC filing, we don’t really find out anything new except that the device is on track for its debut in the US. Now we’ll just have to wait to see what Sharp plans to do to separate the Galapagos from competing tablets. My best guess is that the tablet will at run on Honeycomb or possibly Ice cream Sandwich. Sharp would be smart to aim for a low price to make their product a more viable choice compared to the iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom. We will keep you updated on the Sharp Galapagos.


Author: Dakota Torres

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