Samsung Galaxy S II: 3 million units already sold

Samsung has proudly announced that it sold 3 million Galaxy S II i9100 Android smartphones around the world since its initial launch (55 days ago). Thus, the new S II has become the fastest selling smartphone in the company’s history. The previous record was held by the original Galaxy S (i9000), sold in 3 million units in 85 days back in 2010.

At the current rate, a Galaxy S II is being sold every 1.5 seconds – meaning about 57,000 devices per day!

The handset’s huge global success isn’t really a surprise: it definitely has a place among the best smartphones on the market right now, regardless of what OS you prefer, and more than 1 million units have been shipped in South Korea only.

With the new Galaxy’s upcoming launch in Canada and the US, we’re expecting to see a few more million units sold pretty soon.

Running the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the thinnest smartphones ever (8.5 mm) and, as you probably already know, it offers an awesome set of features, including a Super AMOLED Plus WVGA display, dual-core processor, and 1080p video recording.

I can’t help wondering if the S II would’ve been this popular had Android not existed – let’s say, if it ran Windows Phone, or Bada, or Symbian. But I guess we’ll never know the answer to this question.

Via Press release, Flickr

Author: Florin

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  • Kyle

    Well, that’s nice to hear it’s selling so well.  I’m through being mad about its not yet being available to U.S. buyers.  Various reports have stated a mid-to late July release so in my mind I will be getting my hands on one by summer’s end.  I refuse to let my impatience allow me to buy something else (HTC, Motorola, Apple)  and be stuck with it for two years.  I’ve waited this long.  Another 3-4 weeks isn’t gonna kill me when I look forward to how much use and sheer enjoyment I’m going to get out of this smartphone.

  • guest

    Why won’t we know the answer?

    Anything other than android and it would have been flap.  Already this phone has cheap components, but still android is carrying it.

    I’ve noted wifi, and gps problems.  If only Samsung thought of a little less of milking the consumers.  I wonder what’s the cost of producing each handset.

  • Love Pilipinas

    the power of standardisation

  • Anonymous

    it’s a great phone beating the iphone and any other phone:

  • Dewaynejezz Smith

    I like your advertisement style so cool.