Verizon to cut prices on iPhone 4, HTC Thunderbolt?

While you’re waiting for Verizon to release the Motorola Droid 3 (which is still not officially announced, but should hit the shelves in a few weeks), you may want to know that the largest US carrier could cut the prices on two of its most popular handsets soon. The handsets are Apple’s iPhone 4, and the LTE-enabled HTC Thunderbolt.

At this very moment, the Thunderbolt cots $249.99 on contract, while the iPhone 4 can be yours for either $199.99 (16GB version), or $299 (32GB version).

According to Droid-life, Verizon “might” plan to offer the Thunderbolt for free, and the iPhone 4 16GB for $150. There’s no word on when exactly this could happen, but “in the next few weeks or so” seems to be a good guess.

Certainly, this could be just a limited-time offer. In any case, a Thunderbolt for free would be a dream come true for anyone looking to buy a new LTE smartphone.  And that $150 iPhone 4 is also looking pretty sweet. Now let’s wait for Verizon to confirm all this.

Author: Florin

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