6 iOS Twitter Apps That Truly Stand out from the Crowd

If there is one category that is oversaturated in the App Store, it is Twitter apps. There are hundreds of apps out there that allow you to send tweets of 140 characters, reply to your followers, search keywords in real time, and share media with your Twitter network.

Of course, the most popular iOS Twitter app is the app made by Twitter itself, but the truth is, it is far from the best. Another popular Twitter app is Tweetdeck, which was recently acquired by Twitter, and despite its dominance on the desktop, does not have as big of a user base.

There are many Twitter apps that stand out from the crowd because they offer a different user interface, a better user experience, or just a unique feature not supported by other apps.

The following are six iOS Twitter apps, some of which you may not have heard of, that have managed to stand out and create a loyal audience that keeps coming back.

All of these apps, in addition to their unique characteristics,  offer a full fledged Twitter experience that allow you to perform any and all operations that you are able to perform on the desktop or using a Web client such as Twimbow or Hootsuite:


Out of all the apps on this list, the chances that you have heard of this app are lowest. The UI however is one of the best out there. It can only be compared to the UI of Windows Phone 7, which is metro, intuitive, and smooth. Maha is a feature-rich Twitter app that offers a superior user experience with clean and fun transitions.

TweetList Pro$2.99

This app is unique in that the entire UI is built around Twitter list functionality.  Many people, myself  included, manage their Twitter networks via lists. Creating a list based on topic makes the whole Twitter experience more manageable. For such users, most Twitter apps fail to meet their needs. Tweetlist enables you to use the familiar swipe gesture to navigate between all your lists and to access lists with one click. Of course, besides the lists, the app is full of the regular functionality that will enable you to tweet on the go.


This app is unique because, simply put, it is the best designed Twitter app on the App Store and I dare you to challenge that statement with another app. Tweetbot is relatively new in the game, but it took the Twitter community by storm and everyone is raving about the Tweetbot UI. Whether it is the blue on grey contrast or the stylish icons, if you have used any Twitter app and found the UI to be lacking that extra kick, Tweetbot is a must.


If you are not using Tweetdeck on the desktop, chances are you are using Hootsuite. It is the most powerful Twitter Web client with built in stats, scheduling capabilities and much more. The iOS app is no different. With more customization options than any other app, you can tweet from Hootsuite on iOS however you want, whenever you want, and track the results better than any other solution. The UI is a little more complicated than other apps I have tried but the possibilities are endless with Hootsuite for iOS.


Why is Flipboard a unique Twitter app? Well, a good start is the fact that it is not a Twitter app at all, but it sure does enable you to tweet and engage with your Twitter network. Flipboard is of course first and foremost a very well designed reader app for iPad that provides a magazine-like experience on the wildly popular tablet. However, the latest releases have added full social features including sharing posts on Twitter, but also replying and engaging on the micro blogging platform. I would not say Flipboard, as a Twitter app, is as feature-rich as Echofon or some of the others, but if you are interested in content first and Twitter second, Flipboard is a great choice.


Out of the tens of Twitter apps I have tried, I always come back to Echofon. Why is it unique? Because it is not missing any feature I can think of. Echofon has the most advanced features out of any Twitter app I have tried on any platform and has a super intuitive UI that has close to no learning curve. To name one example of a feature I found in no other app, if you want to reply to multiple tweets from multiple people with one answer, Echofon allows you to do that. For example, if you are getting happy birthday wishes from a lot of people, you can either say thank you to each person individually or reply to all of them (within 140 characters of course) with one tweet.  This is not to be confused with a Reply All option to reply to everyone mentioned in one tweet.


If you have any iOS apps to add to the list, please share them in the comments below. I can be found on Twitter at @hilzfuld, please share them with me as well.

Author: Hillel Fuld

"Hillel is a tech blogger who manages multiple sites such as Technmarketing, Appboy, and inneractive. In addition, Hillel has written on many leading online publications such as Mashable, Gigaom, and others. In addition to his blogger hat, Hillel is an active Twitter personality who defines himself as a "Social media addict". When Hillel is not blogging or tweeting, he is the Head of Marketing for inneractive, a mobile startup that deals with app monetization across all mobile platforms."

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  • Rachel

    I’m suprised not to see Tweetings on the list with Augmented Reality view, scheduled tweets and a unique full screen mode.

  • Martyn

    +1 for Tweetings. Also Tweetlogix has all the above beaten on speed & features.

  • igorsky

    How is Tweetlogix not on this list?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F74SKB24XHWGXEUC3Y5DAWSWSQ urHAU ddbGPJBQn

    Twitter is one of the best social sites for the peoples. It must be helpful for their users.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F74SKB24XHWGXEUC3Y5DAWSWSQ urHAU ddbGPJBQn

    Twitter is one of the best social sites for the peoples. It must be helpful for their users.

  • ManuD

    I use two twitter clients & somehow both of them managed to be in your list i’e TweetBot & Echofon.