New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 headed to Vodafone Australia

Just like it did in the UK last month, Vodafone will replace the old Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v with the newer Tab 10.1 in Australia, too.

The old Tab 10.1v isn’t available anymore, so the new Tab 10.1 could be released by Vodafone Australia as early as this month.

Ausdroid received an image from Vodafone’s July catalogue, which shows the new tablet as “coming soon.” Sure enough, “soon” may actually not mean this month, but there are good chances it does.

The new Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner than the old version (8.6mm compared to 10.9mm), it comes with a new TouchWiz UX UI, and a different rear camera (3.2MP instead of 8MP). Other than that, the two Android Honeycomb tablets are pretty much the same.

Author: Florin

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