Nokia cutting prices on N8, C7, E6 and other smartphones

Only a few days after closing its online stores in the UK and US, Nokia has decided to cut prices on some of its smartphones across Europe – which certainly makes sense, not just because Symbian is a platform with no future, but also because the Finnish company has been losing market share for quite a while now.

According to Reuters, the ex-flagship N8, the C7, and the newly-released E6 have all got cut prices of around 15%, while other models have received smaller price cuts.

I’m not entirely sure if the new prices are effective in stores as of now, but I’ve checked Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, and all three handsets seem to be cheaper than ever: the N8 costs £311.06 in the UK and €320,45 in Germany; the C7 costs £263.99 in the UK and €267,84 in Germany; and the E6 (pictured below) costs £302.38 in the UK and €358,45 in Germany.

I assume Nokia’s future Symbian handsets (N5, 700 Zeta and the others) will be aggressively priced, too. Later this year, the company will launch its first MeeGo smartphone (the N9), as well as its first Windows Phone handsets – which, hopefully, will bring back Nokia’s lost glory.

Author: Florin

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