Apple and Google blow away RIM in US market share

The future looks dark for Research in Motion in the US, as statistics indicate that Android and iPhone devices top BlackBerry in terms of market share.

According to Comscore, Google and Apple have the top smartphone platforms in the US, with 38.1 per cent and 26.6 per cent share. RIM lags behind in third with 24.7 per cent of the market. Palm and Microsoft were quite a way behind the top three

The statistics are particularly worrying for RIM as it held second spot as recently as February. The last few months saw significant market share gains for Android, which increased its lead over the rest of the pack.

With manufacturers like Samsung and HTC behind Android, numerous devices are hitting the market carrying Google’s operating system.

But RIM has remained pretty stagnant in recent times, with the BlackBerry Torch not setting the world on fire and its traditional keyboard-toting devices looking pretty shabby compared to high-tech touchscreen offerings.

Like Nokia, RIM has fallen behind very quickly behind its rivals from a previous position of strength. Like Nokia, RIM has placed far too much trust that mobile phone users would be happy to use an outdated operating system.

And like Nokia, it might be too late to do anything about it. Its much heralded BlackBerry PlayBook tablet did finally have a new operating system to play with, but it’s following catchup.

It’s hard to see what RIM can do now to get back on track in the US. Like Nokia, it’s going to have to rely on international markets to keep its position as a mobile leader, but again – how long will that last?




Author: Asavin Wattanajantra

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  • Emvxl

    Any new RIM devices on the horizon? I have not seen any.

  • Centariswordlord

    there’s a new touch screen bold coming out that looks iPhone-y, but I like the torch personally, but it’s only on ATT networks so…. wth.

    Also, my curve is terrible, worse than my LG rumor

  • chris moore

    they have some phones coming out with bbos 7, but QNX handsets allegedly come out early 2012, so i can’t fathom why anyone would buy an os7 phone knowing QNX ones were on the way, and that they’re not compatible nor will the os 7 phones ever get QNX.  blackberry is in a universe of hurt here, it doesn’t appear survivable.