HP Pre 3 apparently delayed ’til late July in the UK

Last time we heard about them, the HP TouchPad and HP Pre 3 were supposed to be released in the first half of this month. Unfortunately, it looks like HP won’t be able to ship the devices in due time.

According to Clove, which currently takes pre-orders for both the TouchPad and the Pre 3, the new WebOS tablet and smartphone have been delayed until late July. Since Clove is an HP Platinum Partner, it’s certainly in position to know when its products will arrive.

The TouchPad’s prices start at £399.99 in the UK, while the Pre 3 will cost £360. Both prices include VAT.

Update: Clove changed back the estimated launch date of the TouchPad to July 15, now saying that only the Pre 3 will be delayed.

In the US, the HP TouchPad is already available (since July 1) for $499 (16GB version), and $599 (32GB version). The tablet will also be released in Canada, most likely starting July 15.

Author: Florin

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