Motorola Xoom comes with free keyboard and mouse all this month in the UK

If you’re in the UK and are planning to buy a tablet (and won’t get the iPad), this might interest you. Motorola’s UK arm is holding a promotion all through July. What’s in it for you? A free wireless (we assume that means Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse. What do you have to do? Buy a Motorola Xoom Android-powered tablet, of course.

However, you can buy any Xoom version, be that 3G-enabled or plain Wi-Fi, from anywhere. You don’t have to buy from one specific place, which is a good thing. After you’ve bought your Xoom, use its browser to navigate to this page, where you’ll register your purchase. You need to send the receipt for your Xoom to Motorola, and it will send you the free toys in return. Not the easiest to redeem offer, but not the hardest either.

I’m not sure how many people look at a tablet and think something along the lines of you know what this is missing? A keyboard and a mouse!, but for those that do, this will be very interesting. The offer applies to all Xooms purchased in the UK in July, and you need to be 16 or older and a resident of the UK to qualify. Eurodroid has the full terms and conditions up for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to read through before you pull the trigger.

We’ve seen something similar, albeit only offering the keyboard for free, in the US last month, so it certainly looks like Moto is exploring all possible avenues to get its first Android-powered tablet to sell better than it has so far. And if today’s price cut in the US makes it across the pond, it may be up to something. We’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Good to see Android prices dropping, good for consumers!
    Perhaps the keyboard & Mouse will help for July – or another $ drop.

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