Nokia N9 and MeeGo will be supported “for years”

In case you’re worried that the new MeeGo-based N9 won’t get much attention from Nokia after its launch, you shouldn’t. Reportedly, Nokia is committed to supporting the handset, as well as the MeeGo platform, “for years” to come.

That’s what Klas Ström, Head of Portfolio Management at Nokia, recently said on Twitter. He also said that several software updates for the N9 would be released

Sure enough, from now on Nokia’s efforts will be largely concentrated on Windows Phone and, to some extent, on Symbian, too. And although MeeGo will probably not make a huge impact on the smartphone market, it’s good to hear that Nokia stays committed to it – for a while, at least.

(photo via Laura Jul, who seems to have had a nice hands-on time with the N9)

Announced a few weeks ago as “the world’s first pure touch screen phone without any front-facing buttons at all”, the Nokia N9 is expected to be released in select markets starting September. There’s no official word on its price, but we’ve heard it may be around €420. Most likely, there will be no other MeeGo smartphone from Nokia after the N9.

Via Engadget, The Handheld Blog

Author: Florin

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