Verizon HTC ThunderBolt and Motorola Droid X2 now only $99.99 with contract at Wirefly

If you’re looking for great deals on Android-powered smartphones that can be used on Verizon’s network, look no further. Wirefly now has you covered offering two of the latest Android devices at severely cut prices.

First up, there’s the HTC ThunderBolt. This 4G LTE-capable phone, the first handset released by Verizon with that connectivity option, is selling at Big Red for $249.99 if you’re willing to sign a new two-year contract. But this superphone has been available at Amazon for just $99.99 for quite a while, and now Wirefly has joined Amazon in offering the ThunderBolt for just a cent below $100. That’s a $150 saving compared to buying direct from Verizon, so if you want a 4G LTE smartphone, perhaps you should make your way to Wirefly now and get a ThunderBolt.

The Motorola Droid X2 is the successor to last year’s very popular Droid X, and it’s been priced by Verizon at the now-standard $199.99, again with a new two-year contract requirement. But if you want a Droid X2 you can save half of that amount, because Wirefly now has it on sale also for just $99.99. Yes, a service agreement is still a must, but that’s a pretty neat $100 saved nevertheless. If the Droid X2 interests you, Wirefly is waiting for your order.

It’s nice to see third party phone retailers step up their game, and over the past few months it definitely seems like they always offer great deals on top devices. Which is why from now on you should probably always look at these companies’ offers before deciding to buy direct from your carrier.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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