BlackBerry Storm 2, Samsung Convoy, LG Ally, Vortex, Cosmos and Fathom get discontinued by Verizon

Some phones sell well, others don’t, but they all eventually have the same fate – reaching end of life status. Or, better said, being discontinued.

According to an anonymous tipster, Verizon is getting ready to do just that – remove a few phones from its lineup, alongside two Wi-Fi hotspots.

The full list includes Android-powered devices such as the LG Ally and Vortex, but also the BlackBerry Storm 2, as well as the LG Fathom (which is running Windows Mobile 6.5.3!), and a couple of featurephones, the LG Cosmos and the Samsung Convoy. The Wi-Fi hotspots being phased out are the ZTE Five Spot and the MiFi 2200.

It’s unclear when exactly these handsets will fully exit Verizon’s portfolio, but it’s bound to happen soon because the last units of the aforementioned phones are now being cleared out. We don’t know if Big Red decided to cut their prices to ensure that they’ll get rid of all the remaining stock quickly, so in order to find that out you should probably head to your nearest Verizon store and ask around.

However, with many new and exciting phones coming to Verizon in the near future, why you’d buy such old handsets is a good question.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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