Samsung Omnia 7 now only €199.95 in Germany sans contract

The Samsung Omnia 7 was among the first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices to make it to the market, and was launched last October. It may be getting a successor this year, but right now it’s still selling, and it represents our second WP7 great deal of the day after the HTC 7 Pro.

If you’re in Germany and want a WP7 device, or just want a smartphone in general and aren’t sure what to get, you may want to look at the Samsung Omnia 7. Especially now, since T-Mobile is selling it for the incredibly low €199.95. That’s without needing to sign a contract, and it’s in a price range usually reserved for midrange handsets, and not high-spec ones such as the Omnia 7.

The phone may or may not come network unlocked (check with T-Mobile Germany before you buy), but if the magenta company is your operator or you don’t mind it being just that, you should probably head over there right now and place your order.

Since WP7 launched last year, smartphones powered by Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system have seen many, many price cuts, across all continents. Only an idealist would not see the link between WP7’s still very low market share numbers and these price cutting moves. Then again, the lower the prices, the better for consumers. It certainly seems like this is a good time to buy a WP7 handset.

Via wpcentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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