Bell Samsung Galaxy S II will be available on July 21

In Canada, Bell is getting ready to launch what is probably today’s highest-spec smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The carrier has officially announced that it will sell the Android superphone, however it hasn’t confirmed a specific release date yet. We’ve heard at one point that the Bell Galaxy S II would hit the streets on July 14, but new information now points to that being pushed by a week to July 21.

The reason for the small delay apparently is the fact that Bell wants to make absolutely sure that it will have enough units in stock before the launch, since it’s expecting a lot of interest for this device.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will probably cost $169.95 with a new three-year contract, and $599.95 if you opt to buy it without signing a service agreement.

So if you’re in Canada, you’re less than ten days away from the Samsung Galaxy S II launching on Bell. Excited?

Via Android Central and MobileSyrup

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Bigpao

    when is this phone coming to USA, it is pain in the …..

  • Bigpao

    when is this phone coming to USA, it is pain in the …..

  • SlimBerry

    I just got a new sony xperia x10 and it has 3G. I think I remember reading that I can use it to access the internet on my laptop. Can anyone confirm this and tell me how? Thanks.