Gingerbread update already rolling out to Verizon’s Droid Incredible 2 users

If Droid Incredible 2 users had previously wished to use the latest OS on their phone, Android 2.3(Gingerbread), they were forced to root their device and upload a custom rom or an unofficial version through the computer. From now on though, HTC Droid Incredible users will be able to download an official version of Gingerbread via an OTA download.

The software update named 2.18.605.4 brings performance improvements with mobile IM, solved Hotmail sync issues, better device connectivity, a built-in browser bookmark for the New York Times, the addition of the Wireless Charging UI and a new desktop dock app.

It will take certain users to get the update longer than others, but it should take no longer than a week. Let us know how the update goes for you.

Author: Dakota Torres

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  • anon

    The title says Droid incredible 2, however mentions Droid incredible in the article also with a picture of the Droid incredible. Also in your tags it says Droid incredible 2. Which is it?

  • Namos23

    haha #journalisticfail #knowyourstuffbeforeyoupost

  • Jay Walker

    The update went fine for me.  However, there isn’t much to say about adding features.  There’s REALLY not much but hype with the 2.3 (Gingerbread) update for the DInc2.  I was only hoping for the “CRT” animation.  That did not come with it.  The gps “north-south” issue was fixed and a wireless settings on the taskbar/dropdown were the most noticable changes.  Maybe some performance improvement also.  I am already looking into rooting and getting a ROM for it…