Windows Phone Mango devices from Samsung, Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu caught on video

Since Nokia already has functional Windows Phone Mango handsets, and since the new platform should debut pretty soon, it’s no wonder that other Microsoft hardware partners have some functional Mango devices, too.

Take Samsung, Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu. WP Mango handsets from these companies have been showcased by Microsoft yesterday, during its Worldwide Partner Conference held in Los Angeles (and in case you’re wondering, the leaked HTC Eternity didn’t make it to this show for some reason). The devices are yet to be officially named, but they’ve been captured on video, so we do know a few details about them.

The Samsung handset, for example, is probably called SGH-i937, and looks a lot like the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S II (one of the hottest smartphones on the market right now – more than 3 million units have been sold in 55 days). This Mango phone has the Galaxy  S II’s  form factor, as well as its thinness. I assume it has the same internals, too, including a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Super AMOLED Plus display, 1080p video recording and so on – but that’s just my guess.

Next we have a pink (yeah, I know) Fujitsu handset, which is waterproof – certainly a first for the Windows Phone platform. This Fujitsu device has “great capabilities in terms of the camera”, but sadly we don’t know what exactly that means. Maybe it sports a 12MP camera, like the Fujitsu F-03B, which is available only in Japan? We’ll probably find out soon if that’s the case.

The Acer WP Mango device (on the left in the photo below) seems to be the previously-seen W4, but we can’t confirm this just yet.

As for the ZTE handset, this may be a low-cost device (since the company is known for making low-cost phones). Again, we can’t confirm this. In any case, the phone looks quite nice:

Below you have the video from Microsoft’s conference, so you can see the new handsets in action for yourself:

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, recently said that the first Windows Phone Mango devices are “coming this Christmas”, but no one should be surprised if we see them hitting the market a few months earlier. Well, the world is waiting to see what Mango can do against Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Via WMPowerUser, WinRumors

Author: Florin

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  • Jithn Acie

    Wow ! this phone looks very beautiful and pretty  its features also very atractive for any one.

  • Marcus Christopher McFann

    why is the video private?!

  • Marcus Christopher McFann

    why is the video private?!

  • Ezekiel Knypstra

    It is the complete package and permit me know if I can guide you any more. You play a pressing role in that area.

  • Jose Kelm

    windows phone 7 is missing features like copy and paste but i have listen that after an update which will be released by Microsoft.

  • Florin

    But it’s not. I can watch it without any problems, even if I’m not logged in on YouTube. Not sure why you can’t see it.