Google now activates 550K Androids per day. 135 million devices sold. Market reaches 250,000 apps

Today was Google’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2011. That’s usually when companies spit out figures regarding their performance in the respective quarter, and speak a lot of analyst-speak. And while Google has done plenty of that today, it’s also given us another round of numbers concerning Android and its unstoppable (at least until now) growth.

So, let’s take them one by one. Google now activates 550,000 Android devices per day. Back on June 28, Andy Rubin, the guy in charge of Android, announced that the number became 500,000 and that the growth was at 4.4% per week at that point.

So what happened in 16 days (that’s literally how long it has been since then)? Well, obviously, Google has added another 10% to its daily activation number. And the growth seems to have accelerated, since it has been at almost 5% for these past two weeks. So not only is Android growing, its growth is growing too.

Not by much, indeed, but it is. Which is quite a feat to be honest, since at this point you’d expect Android’s growth to slow down (in percentage points, mind, not in actual device numbers, since the whole smartphone market is growing like crazy), and maybe even plateau. But it just doesn’t want to. It keeps on growing. We’ll have to see where this is going, but if the growth reaches 5% per week (and stays there), Google will reach 1 million devices activated per day in about 13 weeks. Which means that by October 13 (which strangely is exactly 13 weeks from now), Google will have doubled the number of devices it activates compared to the number announced on June 28. That’s a 100% growth in roughly 15 weeks – less than four months.

Do I need to say how amazing that would be? Probably not.

Now let’s take a look at absolute numbers. Google has also announced today that it has activated 135 million Android devices so far since the OS was launched. That number was 100 million on May 10, so between then and today 35 million Android devices were sold. In little over two months. If that number stays roughly the same (at 17.5 million per month), over 96 million more Android devices will be sold this year, making the grand total 231 million. But if that number keeps growing (and it probably will)… who knows what we’ll report in January when Google will hold its Q4 earnings call. At this rate, it will probably be yet another quarter of record-breaking growth.

Or not.

The truth is that in this business, things change very, very quickly. Android and its growth are the perfect examples of this. So really anything can happen, especially if Android will end up costing around $60 per device in patent fees.

One thing is clear. Android is bound to reach 200 million installations much faster than iOS did (it took Apple 4 years since the introduction of iOS, and at this rate will take Google about three). Make of that what you wish.

There were two numbers regarding the Android Market that were made public today. First of all, Google’s app store now has 250,000 apps in it. That number is completely irrelevant, of course, but it does show that Android is a stable second in this ‘number of apps’ game.

The other number is 6 billion. That’s the amount of app downloads the Android Market has seen so far since launch. Nice for bragging, sure.

Last but not least, there are now no less than 400 different Android devices being sold worldwide. 400.

So there you have it. Another chapter in Android’s incredible growth. A book is probably in the works as we speak (or read; or write).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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