Refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS now only $9 at AT&T

While we post many deals, sometimes several per day, they very, very rarely involve any Apple product. Regardless of why that may be, whenever an iPhone deal is available, it almost feels like it’s something special. Today is one of those days.

AT&T is now selling refurbished iPhone 3GS smartphones for just $9 a piece. Now sure, the iPhone 3GS is getting old really fast, but if you simply can’t afford the iPhone 4, this is a great deal. After all, you very, very rarely get to see any Apple product sell for $9. Even second-hand.

The usual caveats apply. A new two-year contract with the carrier is required. A minimum data service of $15 per month is also a must. And of course there’s an additional caveat here – these are refurbished devices. So if for some reason you only want to buy brand new handsets, this clearly isn’t for you. If however you have nothing against refurbs, or older iPhone models, then this is one deal you probably shouldn’t miss.

If you’re interested, head on over to AT&T and get yourself an iPhone 3GS.

Via The Mobile Fanatics

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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