AT&T HTC Puccini passes through the FCC

We first saw the HTC Puccini back in May. The latest info we have is that the tablet passed through the FCC today with model number PG09410.

The tablet spots the normal AT&T GSM 850, 1900MHz frequencies and 3G WCDMA 850 and 1900MHz bands. The most interesting feature of the device is the LTE radios built into the device, making this device  AT&T’s first LTE tablet we know of. We don’t know too much else about the device except what we can depict from the blue diagram below. The Pucinni is rumored to run on Honeycomb, but we can’t know for sure since not every tablet is lucky enough to ship with Honeycomb, but rather gets an update later on.

No info on pricing or availability, but we expect the device to be available either later this summer or early fall. We will keep you updated on the status of the HTC Puccini.



Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Genie Bra

    I’m not really bothered about the minutes or texts both will be enough but will MB be enough? I asked at carphone warehouse and the guy said it will be plenty although he was trying to sell me it.