Pink Sprint Samsung Replenish will be available on July 24

Here’s some great news for those of you who are Sprint customers (or don’t mind switching), like smartphones, the environment, and the color pink. This Sunday Sprint will release a device that ticks all of those boxes. And while the phone itself isn’t new, the color version will be.

So brace yourselves, for the Samsung Replenish will be available in ‘Raspberry Pink’ starting on July 24. The Samsung Replenish, if you remember, is partially built with recycled plastics and has recyclable packaging (don’t all phones?). Aside from its environmentally-friendly features, the Replenish is an Android-powered smartphone that packs both a touchscreen and a full physical QWERTY keyboard into a candybar form factor.

Up until now, when picking up a Replenish you had two color choices, either ‘Onyx Black’ or ‘Arctic Blue’. And now they’ll be joined by the pink one, with Sprint apparently wanting to make absolutely sure that there’s at least one color of the Replenish that will appeal to everyone.

In a world dominated by black touchscreen slabs, it’s refreshing to see carriers and smartphone manufacturers be bold with color options. Even if you don’t particularly like pink.

If pink isn’t your thing, the Replenish can still be had for a penny at Amazon in black and blue.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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