HTC Bliss image leaks, may just depict a women-focused Android smartphone

Remember the HTC Bliss? It was supposed to be HTC’s first Android-powered smartphone focused at women. In the meantime, we’ve also seen the Glamor, which may just be a lower-end offering in what is shaping up to be a range of HTC smartphones for women. If the Glamor looks like it’s more for girls, the Bliss is the grown-up in the series, at least for now.

We first heard about the HTC Bliss in May, but back then, while we did get many details about the device, we didn’t actually see it, as there were no pictures leaked.

That all changes today, since the guys at PocketNow got their hands on an image/render of the HTC Bliss resting nicely in a cradle of sorts (which may be the previously rumored wireless charger).

No additional information comes with the above image, however the fact that it has been leaked sort of confirms the existence of the HTC Bliss. We heard that the smartphone would be headed to Verizon in the US. We’ll see. It’s likely that the Bliss will be an upper-midrange handset.

As for all the women-focused bells and whistles such as the notification charm, only time will tell if they’ll make it to the market or not.

Smartphones aimed specifically at women – cliche or valuable differentiation? You’ll be the judge. When or if HTC finally decides to make all of this official.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • David – Front Side Bus

    Looks interesting. I wonder how many ladies will actually get this phone.

  • Robert Varner

    It’s right and i am agree with this.