HTC Omega specs leak, will be the Mango successor to the 7 Mozart

Another day, another leak. This time it’s the HTC Omega. This will apparently be a successor of sorts to the currently-selling HTC 7 Mozart. So yes, it’s going to be a Windows Phone device. Unlike its predecessor though which launched with WP7, the Omega will run WP7.1 Mango out of the gate. Keep in mind that while we use the word ‘successor’ here, HTC may very well have more new WP7 devices coming, aiming to have options in multiple price ranges.

A partial list of the HTC Omega’s specs has leaked today courtesy of Gadgetian. According to the guys over there, the Omega will have a 3.8-inch 800×480 SLCD touchscreen, a 1.5 GHz single-core Qualcomm processor, 512 MB of RAM, an 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording, 16 GB of onboard storage space, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11n, an FM radio, a 3.5 mm headset jack, quad-band GSM connectivity, dual-band (900, 2100) 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 2 Mbps HSUPA.

That’s all we know for now. Unfortunately images depicting the HTC Omega haven’t been leaked yet. But, as is always the case, if this handset is real and hasn’t been cancelled or delayed, expect there to be many more leaks about it in the following days, weeks, and months. And we’ll sure get a glimpse of it at some point.

It looks like HTC will still focus on Windows Phone devices, even if a lot less than it currently does on Android-powered offerings. Perhaps it’s a better strategy to have options, than it is to put all your eggs in one basket a la Motorola. We’ll see. Anyway, for WP7 fans, this is great news. Although it has to be said that aside from the processor and updated camera, this very well could be a device from last October, when the first WP7 handsets were announced. Who knows, maybe HTC will price it aggressively and make up for the boring specs that way. Probably not, though.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Anonymous

    Single core…….ffs.   if microsoft dont get a grip of this soon mango will be DOA.
    All the recent sucessfull smartphones are duel core phones with top hardware, wp7 handsets are getting the bottom of the barrel parts, can you imagine wp7 handsets trying to compare with android qhd tegra 3 phones?? what about the iphone 5 packing the a5 processor and most likely 1g ram? no chance.

  • Abc


  • Abc


  • GraphiteCube

    Do you notice how long do those dual-core phones operate on 1 battery? Many people need to bring a spare battery with them, even Apple need to optimize its battery technology. As long as a phone works and works smoothly, leave those hardware problem to phone manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

    I  agree about the batt life, but really the batt life on that qualcomm snapdragon running at 1.5ghz is not great, also other operating systems are getting the premium parts, better screens, better games, better cameras etc etc, im a nokia and microsoft fan, but this is what will sink both company’s if they don’t buck their ideas up and offer decent hardware to along side decent software. 

    Both apple and android phones have been offering both for over a year, they need to at least match them to compete, some would say as they are so far behind they actually have to beat them to pull back consumer confidence and market share.

    Also more cores and more processing power does not always equate to more power draw, if its on a new architecture which both  tegra 3 and qualcomm krait are, ( as well as omap5) it will probably draw less power.