The ‘unconfirmed’ Samsung Galaxy R gets demoed on video

Despite Samsung saying that it’s ‘unconfirmed’ at the moment (at least for release in the UK), the Samsung Galaxy R now stars in its very own first demo video. The Samsung Galaxy R is a device that we’ve first seen last week. It was supposedly the UK’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Z that’s already listed in Sweden. That was before Samsung’s UK arm said that it wasn’t confirmed yet. So it remains to be seen whether the Samsung Galaxy R will ever launch over there, or whether the same device will launch just not being called Galaxy R (in which case Galaxy Z is a strong contender, since we’ve already seen it use that name elsewhere). Or perhaps Samsung simply doesn’t want to sell its lower-end Galaxy S II variant in the UK for some reason.

Only time will tell. However, before it does, we can of course watch the following quick (and silent) demo video, courtesy of SammyHub.

As you can see, the handset comes with a demo video of itself preloaded. All pretty meta, but a decent way to let new owners know about its main features at a glance. We think the Galaxy R/Z, if priced well below the Galaxy S II, could be one phone to sell very well. After all, that was probably the only goal that Samsung envisioned for this model when it created it.

So let’s hope it will become available pretty soon.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • David – Front Side Bus

    Looks nice, but too bad I’m from the States and will never get my hands on it.

  • Dayat Sudrajat

    I caw have hold up to wish to buy the samsung galaxy R , [is] when marketed in Indonesia and how much/many its price?. trims.