Samsung has sold 5 million Galaxy S II smartphones already, new white version coming mid-August

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S II, the company’s flagship smartphone at the moment, has reached yet another milestone faster than its predecessor, the Galaxy S. Samsung has now sold more than 5 million Galaxy S II units worldwide. That comes just one month after the company reported 3 million sales of its Android-powered superphone. That’s certainly impressive.

What’s more, the Galaxy S II needed only 85 days to get to the 5 million level. The Galaxy S from last year took 85 days to get to 3 million units sold (and it only reached the 5 million level after 125 days on the market). So clearly, sales of the Galaxy S II are bound to pass 10 million way before the 7 months it took the Galaxy S. Also consider that the Galaxy S II hasn’t yet been released in the US. When that happens, there will surely be a spike in sales.

All in all, the future looks good for Samsung and its Android-powered flagship. Which may be why the company seems to have decided to launch a white version of the device. Well known UK online retailer Clove already has a listing up for this model (unfortunately, sans picture for now), and the expected release date is around August 15.

The price being asked, as you can see, is £492, VAT included. That’s a bit more than the £478.80 that the same retailer wants for the original black version, but not by much. Anyway, if you’re in the UK and interested in a white Galaxy S II perhaps keep an eye on Clove’s listing. It may get a picture soon. Just in case you’d like to pre-order the white model without even seeing it, you can of course do that too.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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