Sprint Samsung Google Nexus S 4G now free with contract

We bring you great deals on smartphones almost every single day now, but this one is special. To those of you who like the operating system that your phone runs to be always the latest one. If you’re an Android fan, the only way to ensure that is to buy one of Google’s Nexus devices. The Nexus One is getting (more than) a bit old, so for now the only plausible option you’re left with is the Samsung-made Google Nexus S.

And while the Nexus S was never the most expensive device around, we haven’t ever seen it this cheap either. Caveats first. This is Sprint’s Nexus S 4G we’re talking about. So naturally you have to be willing to become a Sprint customer. Also, as always, a new two-year contract signing is required.

If you’re fine with the above, then perhaps you should pay a quick visit to either Best Buy or Amazon and pick up a Nexus S 4G. That’s since Best Buy now offers it for free, while Amazon charges a funny $0.01 for it.

For those of you who’d like to get an Android-powered smartphone but don’t know which one, get this. It may not have all the hardware bells and whistles but it’s still plenty capable. And you won’t need to worry about OS updates.

Via Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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