Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S II could be called Fascinate II, 4G connectivity expected

Until now, we’ve seen AT&T’s and Sprint’s versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but not Verizon’s. Anyway, we’ve heard that the S II for Verizon would be dubbed Samsung Function. Or maybe not?

A tweet from one of Verizon’s official accounts suggests that the new Galaxy may be called Samsung Fascinate II. The tweet came in response to a user who asked “when is the galaxy S II coming out?”, and reads: “Currently there is no info on the Fascinate II device and/or a release date.” Quite an interesting answer, since the initial question didn’t mention the Fascinate name, isn’t it?

Regardless of its name, Verizon’s upcoming smartphone will most probably be a 4G device, as the carrier certainly doesn’t want AT&T and Sprint to be the only ones with 4G-capable Galaxy S IIs. A Verizon rep has even tweeted that the new Galaxy would be 4G-enabled. The tweet was removed shorty, though, and VZW clarified that they were talking about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Uhm, ok.

Earlier this month, Samsung said that it plans to introduce the Galaxy S II in the US in August, so we should find out more about Verizon’s version pretty soon.

Via Droid-life, AndroidGuys

Author: Florin

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