Android Market update now rolling out

Google announced a few weeks back that they would be delivering a new and improved version of the Android Marketplace to all devices running on Android 2.2+. Multiple users have informed us today that they have already started receiving the update.

The update brings video rentals and books to purchase to the market. The video section includes star-based rating system, a synopsis of the plot, cast and crew, a short video preview, reviews and related titles. Video rentals will start at $1.99. If you would like to purchase a book, you can view a sample and a description of the book. The new colorful UI allows users to view up to 12 apps or games at a time.

Android users who do not live in the US will have to wait a little longer to receive the update. Not all Android users have gotten the update yet, but they should in the few days coming. If you can’t wait till then, you can download the APK online. You can view a video below to see what the new market will look like.

Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Aniston Parker

    I was told this. It depends on which market you used too. If you use
    apple, use apple. If you use android, use android. I personally like the
    android market more because of free apps and all that but I’m used to
    apple so I will be getting an iphone soon..

  • Misha Teles

    Its nice information …